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Name of Topic Being Reviewed: Ironman 3

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Rating: Tumbling BabyTumbling BabyTumbling Baby

*Here be Spoilers!*

Ironman 3 started out with a backstory that has happed back in 1999 where he met in passing a brilliant scientist but he completely ignored. Back at the present time, Tony Stark has been designing suit after suit because of anxiety attacks that have happened during the Avengers Movie which also stains his relationship with Pepper Potts.

Introduce the villain who was called Mandarin.  Who have been doing   a Bin Laden to the US bombing areas that are Asian related since he is after all of Chinese descent. Stark has been keeping quiet about it until his former bodyguard, Happy, was caught in a bomb blast outside the Chinese Theatre.  He starts investigating until he uncovered who the real Mandarin was but at the cost of his home, his love and his beautiful machine.

Miles away from home with a suit that isn't functioning, Tony befriended (coerced more like it) a kid in Minnesota until he uncovers the truth of the whole situation.

Coming back to Miami to foil the plot of Mandarin, he comes back in time to uncover the half-the-truth about Mandarin, that he was just an actor named Trevor who was paid to hide the face of the true villain, save the crew of Air Force One from plummeting to their deaths, assists Rhodes in rescuing the president, finding out that Aldrich Killian was the real Mandarin and he breathes fire, and gets rescued by Pepper who with all the pent up anger that she keeps inside finally gets out with a vengeance, as well as a feature presentation of an army of remote controlled Ironmen wreaking havoc on the supposed final video recording of the fake Mandarin.

Finally, an explosion of self-destructing suits lighted the sky just in time for Christmas!

The movie in it's entirety was okay.  I was a bit disappointed and I wasn't wowed but Robert Downy Jr. really did a good job with the acting that I wouldn't say that my money wasn't worth spending to watch it.  In fairness to the whole ensemble, they were really great!  Acting wise, they were spot on and they carried their roles pretty well.

The effects were fantastic.  The suits were really good to see flying around the screen doing different flying moves and fighting formation that it was good to watch.  It was very realistic and you wouldn't know the difference between CG and real-life.

But there was no "umf" factor.  That one that will make me gasp in amazement or be wowed with a certain scene.  I jumped at my seat a couple of times, I'll admit but it was more of surprise than wow.  The story itself was really good at the beginning, with you trying to understand where the anxiety of Tony Stark is coming from and how he's trying to cope with everything.  You get that feeling of getting reeled in for something awesome to happened in the next part of the scene but then you keep looking and looking until eventually all you see are the credits rolling...then you find yourself wondering and saying, "Wait? What? That's it?"

I was discussing this with my brother after the movie because he was more disappointed than me since he knows the comic book version of Ironman.  Going in the movie, I didn't even know that Mandarin was to Ironman as the Joker was to Batman.  So he didn't get why they didn't put a relationship between Mandarin's ring and the villain that was seen at the end of Avengers.  He was hoping that the big reveal of who Mandarin really was was something that will take blow our minds but it ended up being an "eh?" to him...even to me.

All in all, it was still an okay movie for me.  I had some laughs. I jumped at my seat for the surprising parts. I gasp in the right places where the scenes where amazing effects wise...but it was still missing that something that could have made the last Ironman movie be worth something I will remember for the rest of my life.  Like what Star Wars had done for me all my life...but it wasn't there.

So 3 tumbling babies for this movie....Now I can only hope and pray that Thor would fare better.

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